Friday, 21 October 2016

How to Maintain Your Treadmill for a Longer Use

We all know every equipment has a certain life and after that it starts creating problems. But at the same time, we also know that if take a proper maintenance and do a regular service of our equipment their life increases and we can enjoy their use for a longer period. Let us talk about the fitness equipment. Fitness equipment have both electrical as well as mechanical parts to deal with. Suppose you have buyed a treadmill and you have buy treadmill online and you don’t have any maintenance or repair shop nearby. What will you do?

There are couple of things which you must take care in all the machines and if we particularly talk about treadmill.

1.       Below Belt Lubrication – Yes. That is absolutely correct. Lubrication using silicon spray or other lubrication sprays or gels can be used for lubricating the surface below walking belt. That lubrication leads to the smooth running of the treadmill and you can walk easily over the treadmill. So whenever you are planning to buy treadmill online or buying it locally talk to the experts that how to regularly maintain the treadmill for its longer life.

2.       Motor Lubrication – Motor is the main part responsible for the running of the treadmill belt. The motor is responsible for the smooth movement of the treadmill. You should give a regular service to your motor by cleaning its bearing and lubricating it. It can be done by removing the cover and re-tighten it.

3.       Tightening bolts and screws – When we are using it for a longer time and its movement leads to the loosening of the bolts and screws so we should tighten them on a regular interval in order to avoid play and safer use.

So if you have motorized treadmill or looking to buy one, ask for the service schedule and follow the manual given along the treadmill to avoid any hazard and increasing the life of your equipment.

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